Tusk Festival Sage Gateshead 2016

An irresistible pairing of Elvin Brandhi from the ever more legendary Yeah You and Greta Buitike from, well, everywhere it seems, and who you may well have thrilled to in her duo with THF Drenching at last year’s TUSK.

The blend of crunching beats, squelching electronics, stream of consciousness lyrics and free improvisation is something of a musical Holy Grail that few can ever get near too without withering in its blinding heat but these folks grab the urn and run laughing through your addled mind, unabashed and awash with casually dispensed genius. In an ideal world, they’d be the opener on Top Of The Pops every week, but we don’t live in an ideal world and Donald Trump may soon rule the universe so while we’re all still alive and have something to laugh about, surrender to the mercurial magic of Bad@Maths!